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Business Partners 

In addition to purchasing direct from DES, DES products can be purchased through Hewlett Packard or, in select areas of the US, through designated resellers, distributors, or systems integrators. 

Hewlett Packard 

The DES Database Excellerator is sold through Hewlett Packard and is on the HP Price List (Product Line 79).   Call your local HP representative, or call DES at 1-800-287-0373 to access your local representative.  Hewlett Packard resells DES product worldwide. 

Sales Representatives 

Washington D.C., Maryland & Virginia 

    Consolidated Systems Integration, LLC (CSI) 
Two Fountain Square 
11921 Freedom Drive, Suite 550 
Reston, VA  20190 
Phone: (703) 736-8063 

Rocky Mountain Area (CO, AR, UT, NB, TX, So. CA) 

    Advanced Systems Group, Inc. (ASG) 
Corporate Office 
12301 N. Grant Street, Suite 130 
Denver, CO 80241 
Phone:  (303) 457-4786 
Fax:  (303) 457-4895 

Phone: 602-912-8561 
Fax: 602-912-8599 

Salt Lake City: 
Phone: 801-350-9424 
Fax: 801-350-9426 

San Diego: 
Phone: 619-944-0320 
Fax: 619-944-1605 

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