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How to Analyze your RDBMS Application Performance - IDEA

DES' IDEA (Inspection, Diagnostic, Evaluation and AnalysisTM) is a non-invasive technology developed by DES to analyze deployed servers for performance limitations of any type. These tests do not require additional software but rely on existing UNIX tools. DES initially developed this unique process to evaluate I/O throughput on any UNIX-or NT based system running Sybase, Oracle, or Informix on any server. However, these tests look not only at performance limits due to I/O but also detect memory, server and application limitations. IDEA is an excellent first step towards gaining more performance from existing deployed applications.

The DES evaluation technology includes a proprietary set of tools that can pinpoint performance limitations in RDBMS applications occurring at the CPU, memory, or disk. The resulting tabulations identify CPU utilization, memory allocation, and disk contention. The data is then analyzed by DES and the information presented in graphic and narrative form. The graphic presentations, combined with a written analysis of the test results form the output of the diagnostic services. The results of the IDEA evaluation indicate where the performance limitation is located, as well as identifying the probable causes.

How IDEA Works - DES will send UNIX tools (or scripts) to the customer with instructions on how to set-up and gather server performance information. An IDEA Technician will work with the customer to set up parameters for the data gathering process. This process can be represented from intervals of a few seconds to intervals of several days totaling at least 24 hours worth of data taken during normal to peak processing times. Once the data has been gathered and forwarded to DES, a statistical analysis is performed. The output of this graphic and narrative evaluation represents the min, max, mean and standard deviation of the load levels for all major components of the UNIX system. Based on this thorough analysis and evaluation of the customer's site, DES can then recommend a course of action to remedy the throughput bottlenecks and increase system performance.

DES developed this expertise to assist customers in identifying performance bottlenecks and to illustrate how DES Database Excellerator products can dramatically increase the performance envelope of powerful UNIX or NT servers thereby achieving greater performance from existing, deployed applications.

To request an IDEA evaluation, please fill out the IDEA Request form or call 1-800-287-0373 and ask for an "IDEA Technician."

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