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DES Customer Success Story Applications  

National Gas Pipeline Company of America (HP 9000, Sybase)
Republic National Bank (IBM RS 6000, Sybase) 
Bay Networks (DEC VAX, MANMAN) 
Camelot Music (HP 9000, Oracle) 
Bell Atlantic (HP 9000, Sybase) 
Aromat Corporation (HP 9000, Informix) 
Dow Jones Telerate (Concurrent & Stratus, Proprietary) 
Merril Lynch (Sun Sparc, Sybase) 
Slumber Land Inc. (Data General, Oracle) 
BEA Associates (HP 9000, Sybase) 
U.S. Healthcare (IBM RS 6000, Sybase) 
U.S. West (Sun Sparc, Sybase) 
TCI (HP 9000, Oracle) 

Article Reprints  

TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM, "Infrastructure migrates to client/server: Unix, PC technologies help providers respond quick to new markets," by Sharon Fisher, Telepath (Communications Week), May 1997.
BEYOND MAINFRAME, "France Telecom sees strong results from a client-server billing System," by Kaitlin Quistgaard, Contributing Editor, Global Telephony, March 1997 
INVESTING IN BETTER PERFORMANCE, "BEA Associates and Camelot Music Improve Reliability and Speed With a Database Excellerator from Database Excelleration Systems," by Scott R. Humphrey, HP Professional,  November 1996. 
OVERCOMING THE I/O BOTTLENECK,  by Dean Tomasula, Wall Street & Technology, March 1996. 
HIGH-PERFORMANCE SUBSYSTEMS, "Quick Performance Gain Using Solid-State Disks," by James Boak, Sybase Magazine, Winter 1995 
THROWING HARDWARE AT THE PROBLEM, "Solid-state disks can help improve database performance," by Alan Alper, Client/Server Journal (Computerworld), November 1994. 
DISK/OPTICAL STORAGE, "Designing Reliability Into Solid-State Disk Emulators," by Wade Tuma, Computer Technology Review, October 1994. 
RAM DISKS RESCUE A BATTERED SYSTEM, by Jim Boak, Sybase Server Newsletter, vol. 4, no. 1, Spring 1994. 

DES Technical White Papers 

UNIX-based Billing Application Achieves Mainframe Level Performance with Sybase SQL 11," by Toby Cabot, Kenan Systems and George Tuma, DES 
Optimizing Oracle Application Performance with DES Database Excellerators"  by David Wright 
Performance Architecture: High Performance Logging,"  by James Boak and Roberta Rousseau 
Performance Architecture: High Performance Queries," by George Tuma 
Accelerating Informix Applications Performance with Solid State Database Accelerators," by Mayank Srivastava 
A Magic Bullet: Quick Performance Gain using SSD with Sybase," by James Boak 
A Silver Bullet for Sybase: How to Slay the Unkillable Performance Problem," by James Boak 
Brute Force:  Improving Oracle Performance using Solid State Disk," by James Boak 

Inspection, Diagnostic, Evaluation and Analysis (IDEA) 

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