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Database Performance

Database Excellerator systems based on SSD technology augmented with patented firmware were developed primarily to address the problem of poor I/O response times on client/server systems. To get I/O throughput speed from a peripheral device, I/O data must be able to utilize the full bandwidth of the SCSI bus, not waiting in an I/O queue limited by the disk processing speed. With today's incredibly fast microprocessor speeds, mechanical devices (standard hard disks) simply cannot keep pace. In general terms, magnetic disks can process about 60 I/Os per second, SSDs can process about 10,000 I/Os per second. Even the fastest mechanical disk spends most of its time, when transferring a block of data, in mechanical delays of moving the head and rotating the disk.

Relational databases are limited by how fast users can retrieve, process, and then safely store data. Multiuser systems find that an I/O bottleneck occurs when users need to access frequently used files or tables, such as indices, temporary sort areas or other "hot" files, to complete their transaction. By moving these frequently used RDBMS temporary tables, transaction logs, or other "hot" files from a magnetic disk onto a DES SSD, processing speeds improve dramatically. And, since the full I/O channel of the SCSI bus is utilized, CPU I/O queue management is virtually eliminated. For example, after moving a frequently used "hot" file to an SSD, our customers have noted RDBMS application performance improvements in the range of 60% to 200%, and in some instances, even higher.

Customer Satisfaction

This high-performance, high-availability functionality translates to substantial cost savings for our customers. Conservatively, we have been able to save our customers in the range of 20% to 50% on a mission critical application. Customers also benefit from an additional cost saving because they can go into production sooner. Our transparent, 'plug and play' SCSI device ensures quick time to deployment reducing implementation time from months to hours. And when you are deploying a mission critical revenue application across your client/server enterprise (such as credit card processing, cellular telephone billing, or financial trading transactions), the cost savings in time to execution can be substantial.

For more information on specific vertical markets, refer to our Industry Solutions section or order specific literature by submitting a request on our Literature Request Form. For specific questions, contact our Sales Offices or access a technical representative via our E-mail Hot Line.

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