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HP is the leading vendor of UNIX system application and data-warehouse servers, middleware and network-management suites.  The HP 9000 Enterprise Server product line consists of D-Class, K-Class and V-Class and Enterprise Parallel Serves to offer unsurpassed performance scalability and robust data-center functionality.  HP provides end-to-end solutions for high-availability, secured-Web-server, distributed-computing, server-consolidation and mainframe-alternative applications.

    By combining solid-state memory enhanced with DES-developed DirectAddressing® firmware, the DES Database Excellerator dramatically increase the performance of relational database (RDBMS) applications.  By moving key RDBMS "hot files," temporary work areas, transaction logs or indices onto a solid-state Database Excellerator, DES customers can experience immediate and dramatic application performance gains averaging 60 percent to 200 percent.  DES products also are compatible with Microsoft® Windows NT®-based HP NetServer PC Servers

    About Database Excelleration Systems, Inc.

    Database Excelleration Systems, based in Santa Clara, California, is the leading developer and manufacturer of intelligent solid-state systems that deliver mainframe-level performance speed to server-based, mission-critical applications simply, quickly, reliably and cost effectively.  DES Database Excellerator products are designed for optimal reliability and easy installation, and are perfectly suited for addressing the needs of transaction and query-intensive applications running on client/server RDBMSs.  DES holds a number of patents surrounding solid-state technology that accelerates RDBMS application performance while offering optimum reliability.  Information on Database Excelleration Systems products and services may be obtained by e-mailing requests to info@desdbx.com or by accessing the DES World Wide Web site: www.desdbx.com.

    About HP

    HP is the official information-technology hardware and maintenance supplier to the 1998 World Cup soccer tournament and the 1997 Tournament of France.  Selected for its technology and skills to support and manage mission-critical applications, HP will help create an information-management infrastructure for handling game-scoring; media centers; personnel accreditation; hotel information; and various ticketing, stadium, warehouse and back-office operations.

    Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global provider of computing, Internet and intranet solutions, services, communications products and measurement solutions, all of which are recognized for excellence in quality and support.  It is the second-largest computer supplier in the United states, with computer-related revenue in excess of $31.4 billion in its 1996 fiscal year.  HP has 120,500 employees and had revenue of $38.4 billing in its 1996 fiscal year.

    Information about HP and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at www.hp.com.  For information about HP UNIX system computing solutions, see HP 9000 server family overview.

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