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DES Corporate Overview 
Database Excelleration Systems is the leading developer and manufacturer of intelligent solid-state subsystems that deliver mainframe level performance speed to server based applications simply, quickly, reliably and at the lowest cost. Founded in 1993, DES holds a number of patents in SSD technology and was the first company to use solid-state disks to accelerate RDBMS client-server application performance. DES' patented technology not only endows their products with the fastest data access times but also the most reliable, non-volatile 'smart' backup system. Quality driven and dedicated to developing innovative SCSI-based subsystems to support the enterprise client/server applications market, DES products can be found in Fortune 500 companies worldwide. 
DES is privately held, with headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, and sales offices in New Jersey and Georgia. DES' business partners include Hewlett Packard (which also resell DES products), Sun, IBM, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, and Kenan. 


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