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Database Excelleration Systems and Kenan Systems Achieve
Mainframe Performance on Client/Server Systems With
France Telecom Benchmark

 Companies Agree to Cooperatively Market Client/Server
Billing Systems Solutions to the Telecommunications Industry

SANTA CLARA, CA -- October 1, 1996 -- Database Excelleration Systems, Inc., (DES) and Kenan® Systems Corporation announced today that they have achieved mainframe level performance on Unix-based client/server systems with a benchmark conducted with France Telecom.

In addition, the two companies have agreed to cooperatively market their respective client/server billing solution products within the telecommunications industry. DES and Kenan plan to target the largest companies in the telecommunications industry who require mainframe-level performance to support their enterprise-wide, client/server billing systems.

Using data extracted from France Telecom files as well as France Telecom bill formats, the Kenan/DES/Hewlett-Packard-based billing system processed more than 30 million daily call detail records from millions of telephone lines within a six hour timeframe while achieving a peak processing rate of 45 million call detail records. Prior to testing the new hardware configuration, France Telecom was deployed on a mainframe and demanded a system that handled very high transaction volumes on this mission-critical application, while seeking more billing flexibility. The Kenan/DES/HP-solution proved that a client/server system could deliver all of the performance of a mainframe and provide the much needed application flexibility.

"In today's highly competitive communications industry, the need to process information quickly and respond to customer needs in near-real-time could mean the difference between success and failure," said Wade Tuma, president of Database Excelleration Systems, Inc. "The France Telecom tests prove that DES Database ExcelleratorTM subsystems are highly complementary to Kenan Systems' sophisticated Arbor/BP billing solution in high-performance environments. We look forward to working with Kenan to provide a powerful, high-performance, Unix-based billing solution."

France Telecom agreed to participate in a benchmark test with Kenan as part of an extensive evaluation process to select a system that would be capable of handling its largest accounts. France Telecom needed to move to a client/server system, which would guarantee flexibility and remain highly competitive. The results achieved with the Kenan billing solution and the DES Database Excellerator ensured France Telecom that they would not lose its performance advantage.

The France Telecom Benchmark
The France Telecom benchmarks, conducted at Hewlett-Packard in Boeblingen, Germany, used Kenan's Arbor®/BP 5.0, the company's Unix-based billing and customer care system, HP's high-end T520 and K420 Unix-based servers, and Sybase's SQL Server 11TM configured with a DES Database Excellerator intelligent solid state subsystem.

"The France Telecom benchmark results clearly indicated that the performance of Arbor/BP running on Hewlett-Packard's T520 and K420 Unix-based servers was greatly enhanced by the DES Database Excellerator subsystem," said Jay Sherry, executive director of marketing for Kenan Systems. "In fact, the DES system virtually eliminated the I/O performance bottleneck which helped us achieve mainframe-class performance in our Unix client/server benchmark environment."

"Telecommunications companies need to process vast amounts of information to make critical business decisions," said David Hsieh, vice president of marketing, Enterprise Business Group, Sybase, Inc. "The combination of Sybase SQL Server 11's industry leading performance and scalability and the DES Database Excellerator is a powerful duo that really delivers mainframe performance on Unix-based client/server systems. We believe the combination of these products will be a great asset to telecommunications customers, and will help them to stay ahead of market shifts."

Kenan Systems Corporation
Kenan Systems Corporation is a leading provider of strategic software products and services to the Fortune 1000. With world headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. and European headquarters in London, U.K., the company delivers powerful software solutions targeted at the operations and decision-support needs of large organizations in the telecommunications, on-line services and cable TV industries. Additional information on Kenan Systems' products and services may be obtained via the Internet by e-mailing requests to or by accessing Kenan Systems' World Wide Web site:

Database Excelleration Systems, Inc.
DES, based in Santa Clara, California, develops and markets relational database acceleration products and professional services for very high transaction and query-intensive client/server applications. DES products combine solid state memory and advanced DES DirectAddressingTM firmware to dramatically accelerate database application performance ranges of Unix or NT servers. The company also provides professional diagnostic and evaluation services to assist users in optimizing Unix and NT-based applications that are experiencing resource contention on client/server RDBMSs.

The DES Database ExcelleratorTM and Log ExcelleratorTM products complement all major RDBMSs such as Sybase, Oracle and Informix, as well as most proprietary database systems. They run on all major Unix and NT hardware platforms, including Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Digital, Stratus and Data General. DES provides products and services to a wide range of financial services companies, manufacturers and telecommunications service providers including TCI, Merrill Lynch, Dow Jones Telerate, Exxon, Chevron, MCI and US West. Additional information on Database Excelleration Systems' products and services may be obtained via the Internet by e-mailing requests to or by accessing DES' World Wide Web site:

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