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Partners to Provide Best Multi-Vendor Solution for RDBMSs
In Client/Server Environment

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Database Excelleration System Systems (DES) has signed a Systems Support agreement with Hewlett-Packard Corporation (HP) under  which HP
will provide on-site, full-service support to DES customers - irrespective of whether those customers operate on HP machines. Support will be provided though HP's Business Alliance Program.

"As our customers move more mission-critical applications to an open-systems client/server environment, they must have access to their data and the assurance that repairs for hardware problems are close at hand," said Larry Parish, vice president of sales for DES. "While DES products have extremely high reliability, with over one million power-on hours without data loss, this new service agreement will provide customers with multi-vendor support from single company as well as on-site repair, within a day from the industry's premier service organization."

DES' highly consultative, problem-solving approach and its strong database expertise make it well suited to participate in the HP program. HP's Business Alliances Program focuses on building working partnerships with third-party vendors whose products, applications  and expertise complement and are critical to those of HP's in an open systems, client/server environment.
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 HP was one of the first major computer vendors to embrace an open systems strategy, and its commitment to uphold standards is reflected in its third-party support. DES is the first database accelerator company to be selected by HP for on-site service and repair.

A High Level of Technical Support For DES Customers

Highlights of the new agreement include:
  • HP Support Engineers to help companies with their hardware support
  • Next-day on-site response ( 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday)
  • Same-day  and 4-hour response in the future
  • HP service price for the first year included in the one-year DES factory warranty
  • Service pricing for the succeeding (out-of warranty) years through HP to the customer
  • Additional HP on-site services are also available
    All DES Customers already enjoy a one-year return-to-factory  warranty and field assistance. Now HP will fill the need for on-site fixes. The large computer company will also provide systems installations and upgrades.

    HP's Business Alliance Program is delivered by HP's Worldwide Customer Support Organization, Systems Support Group, which combines local field resources with centralized services and support. Each DES customer will be assigned to a single HP Response Center with access to an HP Support Engineer. If customers require assistance, HP will dispatch a customer engineer to the site. 

    HP operates Customer Response Centers in 34 countries throughout the world with a total of 1,500 customer support engineers fielding some 224,000 calls per year. Some 90% of its customer software/hardware problems are solved remotely.

     DES Database Accelerator Subsystems

    DES is the leader in client/server database acceleration systems. The migration of mainframe database applications to client/server environments has dramatically increased the performance requirements of UNIX platforms, and DES products help manage this transition. DES Database Excellerators work in concert with all of the major UNIX servers, and accelerate I/O-intensive applications. DES products serve to extend the UNIX server performance range for OLTP and query-intensive applications, and word with all of the major RDBMS applications, including Sybase, Oracle, and Informix. Most customers experience database application performance improvements ranging from 200% to 500% - with some gaining as much as 1000%.

    Database Excelleration Systems, Inc. (DES)

    Database Excelleration Systems, Inc. (DES) develops and markets database performance systems and services for the enterprise. DES' products uniquely combine patented Solid State Memory technology with advanced data integrity technology to accelerate database application performance. The company also provides system performance services to help Fortune 500 companies improve RDBMS application performance in client/server environments. Database Excellerators and Diagnostics run on all major UNIX RDBMSs (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, CA/Ingress), proprietary RDBMSs and on HP, DEC, DG, IBM, and other UNIX servers.

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