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Market Overview

The Gartner Group estimates that the market for UNIX-based client/server relational databases will grow from $1.1 billion in 1994 to over $3.2 billion in the year 2000.  DES forecasts that this major shift in applications will necessitate a $1 billion market for database accelerators by the year 2000.  

The shift from host-based, mainframe hierarchical systems to the open, flexible, RDBMS-based client/server systems place significant performance demands on these new platforms.  This is particularly true for OLTP and query-intensive applications that are I/O intensive and often found in businesses such as telecommunications, finance, petrochemical, retail, and healthcare.   The DES Database Excellerator subsystem is a unique high-end performance solution that, when integrated into a client/server RDBMS, provides a high-performance, fast payback, business solution.  Many of our Fortune 500 customers in the telecommunications and financial services industries acknowledge an ROI not achievable with any other technology.

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